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This is for updates on my writings. Hopefully this will encourage me to update with more frequency and stay on my self-induced deadlines.

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TW: Manipulation, Abortion

Lawl, I hate mpreg, why am I writing this

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I have all these ideas, and I don’t really care which fandom I put them into, because some of them can be adjusted to the fandoms I am considering them for. But then I never seem to DO anything or finish any of them, and then there’s all this other shit I have to do and… fuck.

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And one day, his servant who loved him deeply was cast out from above for speaking true. And the angel, grieving and lost, swore vengeance on the one who had forsaken his love. And so mankind became afflicted with death. For they, in their weakness, and foolishness, had dared to keep God’s love. And the angel, in his wisdom and love, had warned God against this swarm of humans. But God had not listened, and it was the humans’ fault.

Robbed of his home, the angel was forced to wander the earth, in search of a home, in search of rest. And the humans came to fear him, for they came to know death, and feared it. And the angel, in his grief, took those souls who no longer belonged on earth, and housed them beneath his wings.

And these humans called him the devil. In their fear of death, they wove stories about mercy and compassion, where the Devil would release them from their bonds and allow them to return to their former lives. But the angel spurned them, and in their anger they wove stories of his cruelty, his malice, and his anger. They told tales of how he had been cast from heaven for betraying God, for selfishness, for jealousy. And death continued to visit them, and they wondered why.

And in all the time, until forevermore, the humans remained ignorant of the great sacrifice of the angel. For he hated them, and how they stole his one love away from him. And yet he protected them, safe from dangers of the afterlife. And even God, in his infinite wisdom, did not know. For God loved the humans and therefore the angel cared for them. For the angel, God’s once beloved servant loved him still. And forever more.

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I’m actually going to fucking write the next chapter for my story. This is not debatable. This is unacceptable. I can’t believe how long I’ve left this off for…

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